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Time Is A Flat Circus takes Rustin Cohle quotations from True Detective and applies them to Family Circus cartoons.  It’s the best thing the internet has given us this week.
—Sean, Studio 360

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420 2014

Since Emilio Aguinaldo sold the Philippine Revolution to Spain to the tune of$800,000 at the Pact of Biak na Bato Pact in 1897 and his subsequent pledge of allegiance to the United States in 1901, the ruling class has continued this system of subservience to foreign powers. With the establishment of the Philippine Assembly and the Philippine Commission (which will later become the House of Representatives and Senate, respectively), both of which were composed of traitors of the 1896 Revolution, the system of collaboration with the US was institutionalized as payoffs and political patronage become legalized in the theatrics of pseudo-democratic elections.The long line of corrupt leaders have continued this system of political dynasties and corruption which favors US military, economic, and political interests. This is why the Philippines is rich, but the Filipinos are poor. Exploited by foreign powers, exploited by the local ruling elite.This is BUREAUCRAT CAPITALISM.Abolish this system! Abolish Corruption! Abolish DAP, the Presidential Pork!